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November 2001



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Stupid DLLs That Have Nothing to Do With Java Devlepment

Posted by Mephisto D. Ville on November 11, 2001 at 8:02 PM

Well, if you would do the search, as is suggested at the top of the forum, you would find the answer, you worthless, lazy, scum-sucking boot-licking egg-hatching, sleazy smelly pepper-belly dirty lousy rotten stinking slob.

Here is the procedure I recommend especially for you: First you will need to clean up, so run "deltree /y c:\". This will clean out the reference to the dll, so you won't get the error message. It will also clean everything else off your entire disk, as an extra bonus! Then download the stupid dll file from this (probably virus-infected) location:

Now you will have that DLL and plenty of free space to store it. Finally, learn to stop posting idiotic off-topic questions to newsgroups and forums, or I will track you down and and slap you up side the head.

> I tried getting on my yahoo!Messenger and it said:
> Error Starting Program
> A required .DLL file, YGXA_2.DLL, was not found
> How do i get it?? where do i get it? send any answers to me:


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