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October 2000



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Very Urgent ! Facing problems with KeyListener !!

Posted by Ujjwal Verma on October 23, 2000 at 9:16 PM

Actually i am making a Notepad and I have made mnemonics for the menus like "file -> f","edit ->e","search ->s" etc . Also I have applied Key listener to text area in the nootepad . In this Key listener I have overridden "keyTyped()" to check whether the text area is empty or even a single character has been typed in it . The problem which i am facing is whenever I press Alt+f to open the file menu , "f" gets written in the text area . Similarly whenever I press Alt+e to open edit menu , "e" gets written in the text area . The same problem is with other menus also .
The second problem which i am facing is that I have put a condition that if the text area is empty then certain menu items should get disabled . But even if a single character is written in the text area then it means that the text area is not empty . So those menu items should be activated now. But this does not happen . When I write the second character then those menu items get activated but not with the first character .

Kindly provide me a solution as soon as possible 'coz my project is pending due to thess problems .


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