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October 2000



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Try This...

Posted by Thraksha V Balaji on October 25, 2000 at 4:53 AM

What you tried should work. OK Try this.
call the Servlet like

HttpServletRequest defines a method by name

getPathInfo(). This will return any extra path appended to the
Servlet. As in this example, it returns /This/is/extra/url
This is again a workaround. The Correct way is using Query

> I have two problems with java servlets that I can't cope with.
> One thing is that I've been trying to get the URL that a client sends with his request. I've tried almost everything. I heard that getQueryString() from the HttpServletRequest class that is suppose to "Return the query string that is contained in the request URL after the path.", is the right method. Unfortunatelly, it returns null.
> The second thing is that happened something like taking over sessions in servlets. I'm working with Jserv and I heard that the session ids that it generates are not unique. When a person has an open session and for example clicks "Refresh" he suddenly jumps into another person's session.
> PLZ help:))))


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