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October 2000



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some points about static

Posted by Jeganathan S on October 31, 2000 at 12:25 AM

Hi Arulmozhi,
I don't know whether this will clear ur doubt as u have not
given ur question clearly, k let me try.

Actually if u declare a variable in class, those variables
will be alloted with memory when they r instantiated and seperate
variables will be given 4 each and every object u instantiate.
What i mean by this is nothing but even if u change the value of
a variable say x in one object will not affect the value of x in
other objects,but it is not the case if u declare a variable as
static, a static variable can also be called as a class variable
as it is only one variable which is going 2 b shared by as many
object u instantiated from that class, so if u change the value
of static variable in any object will be reflected in other objects
instantiated from the same class, i hope u got it.

Moreover, if u have a method declared as static then that method
can use only static variables, that is y when u try using non-
static variables within public static void main(String args[])reports
some error.

Also u have a static block which will be executed only once though
u create many objects from the same class unlike constructor which
will be called 4 every object u create from the class.


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