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to test servlets : jsdk2.1

Posted by Jose Botella on November 04, 2000 at 3:45 AM

> I want to test a servlet given in Thiking in Java 2 by Bruce Eckel.In the last, writter has suggest to test your servlets,
> download the tomcat Implementation from
> To me,things are not clear on this site,so I'm not able download
> the software.
> WOuld you please tell me step by step procedures,so that I can start working on servelets and JSP's.For example,name of the
> servlet testing software,where to make the web server and every
> thing involved in running a servlet and jsp.

I have used the jsdk2.1 to test the examples in tij2.
You can download it from
By the way, to run a servlet look at the configuration files : and
located in the web-inf directory, there is an example for running
one called SnoopServlet.
I was no able to run any jsp pages, though you can see the proper
.jsp entry relating to the jsp servlet in the
archive. Any help about running jsp pages in the jsdk2.1?


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