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October 2000



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Posted by Jegannathan.S on December 16, 2000 at 10:52 AM

> hi friends,
> what doubt i am having is one of the simplest things that u should know when u want to become a java Pro. i will expalin the scenario in detail for u
> // these represents comments in between
> My System Path is given as follows.
> d:\jdk1.2\bin;
> // i have not included lib\
> ClassPath is given as d:\java_dir

> now there are two packages one in java_dir and another in d directory
> ie
> D drive
> |
> |
> |-------java_dir/mypackage
> |
> |
> |-------------newpackage
> now there is a java program in new package accesing two classfiles in java_dir\mypackage
> now for me compiling is fine there are no errors
> example
> d:\newpackage> javac
> but the problem arises when i am trying executing the file in new package
> d:\new package> java xxxxx
> the exception is thrown as wrong name and classdef error
> can any one explain where i am going wrong?

> ps the program works fine if i give 'd:\' alone as my classpath name


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