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October 2000



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Posted by Chris Sanders on October 05, 2000 at 7:14 PM

I am wondering the correct method to change the content of a JComboBox. Currently I initialize the JComboBox with a Vector. Throuhout the life of the box I wish to change the content.
By using v.clear(); then add my new content to the vector
with v.add(); calls.

Most of time this works fine however occasionally when the
combo box is pulled down the #1. The verticle scroll bar is
missing. #2. Anything I click on will choose the bottom item
in the list. The next time it is pulled down all is fine again.
#3.Using the arrow keys instead of clicking with
the mouse causes the scroll bars to reappear and all is fine.

So am I doing something wrong? Missing a step?
Note: I have tried multiple layout managers and have come to the conclusion that the symptom is in the List portion of the


Chris Sanders


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