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http tunneling is an option

Posted by Ron Haussner on April 19, 2001 at 4:04 PM

> > Yea definetly you will have that problem.
> > If u have program is running behind a fire wall and listening for
> > requests from clients(applets)on a (port ex:6050)
> > ur applet can not open a connection with this program since
> > the port on which the server is listening is not an authorized port.
> > so u can not talk to it.
> > one thing u can try.enable the port(which ever ur using in java
> > on webserver and try to connect.
> > mye be it shoud work.
> so i will have to enable used ports on the web server machine
> (where applet listener server will run) and also the clients
> will have to enable that port onto their web server to allow the
> applets to link home?
> with the my server is no problem, but with the client's server
> it's up to them...
> thank u for advice :)
> lucas

From my experience, Applet security will not allow TCP/IP Sockets communications. I know there are a few tunneling solutions our there which will allow you to use your regular Java Sockets code to talk back to a server socket ( even through firewalls ) by tunneling the data via http.

The performance is not as fast in this case, but it will get you through the firewall issues...

You could try the JSockets product located at . That is the only one I can speak of from experience. There should be free evals.


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