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n-tier Applet communication thru Firewall

Posted by Marcus Wittig on August 14, 2001 at 7:29 AM

Xtradyne Technologies provides a comprehensive solution to the JavaRMI, EJB & CORBA firewall problem. Their flagship product is a CORBA Application-level Gateway called Domain Boundary Controller (DBC) which provides a rich set of features:

- support for inbound and outbound NAT
- support for IIOP/SSL, including mixed modes like CORBA clients talk
IIOP/SSL to the DBC while
the DBC talks plain IIOP to the CORBA application server.
- support for RMIoverIIOP
- support for client authentication including X.509 certificates, RSA
SecureId, UserID/PW schemes
- fine grained access control can be enforced at the DBC
- middleware vendor neutral: runs with all major ORB and Application
Server products
- support for callbacks
- easy configuration
- and much more

Check out:

Regards Marcus


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