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October 2000



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I need the same

Posted by Gouri Barve on November 20, 2001 at 4:03 PM


I need to call up a servelt at certain URL from an apllet/application from pc.How u have done that.i am using tomkat.

please send me the code if u have or URL


> I have a simple java application that opens a URLConnection to a servlet, which for testing purposes acts as a echo server. This combination works using JavaWebServer2.0, however, I'm trying to migrate to JRun over IIS.

> I have been successful at accessing the Servlet via a browser, but when my java application tries to open a URLConnection the following is returned:

> Exception in thread "main" http://localhost:8100/demo/servlet/EchoServlet at .java:530) at TestApp.main(, Compiled Code)

> Is this a bug or just a configuration issue? I am new to JRun and have run into a brick wall. I have tried configuring virtual paths and I have verified that the web-connector is valid. I've restarted the server several times, and nothing i do seems to help.

> Thanks,

> Franklin Perez



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