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October 2000



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applet resize in netscape

Posted by satya on October 15, 2000 at 1:13 PM


My problem is that
I have created a Java applet which will be in a table in html page.
The applet gets called with
Width and Height at 100% and the table height is 90% and width is 90%.
When I run it through MSIE 5.0
and I resize the page, the applet in the table resizes beautifully.
This doesn't happen with Netscape 4.7. Netscape even uses
a weird process when resizing the parent frame. I have written a method in applet which takes height and width and calls resize method. and this is called from javascript.
. My questions are 2:
1) How can I catch the resize event?
2) At what point to resize the applet (I've noticed that
it doesn't keep the new size when resizing in start(), however
it does it when resizing in paint(Graphics g).

Or if I am asking the wrong questions, just help
me to resize it in Netscape.

Any help appreciated. Please include a personal copy


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