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October 2000



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JRUN 3.0 is an app server...

Posted by Jeff Kinsey on October 15, 2000 at 3:51 PM

An application server, in addition to providing a servlet/jsp engine also, provides a developer an EJB container. In my early experience with JRUN (1.0 & 2.0 version), it was a servlet engine that had jsp's (JRUN server pages, the early .92 jsp spec). Out at Javaone this year I spoke to Allaire software regarding JRUN 3.0 and they indicated that 3.0 is now an application server which has an EJB container as well as a servlet engine. Hope this helps.
Check out

> Recently i read this statement
> "JRun is a servlet and JSP engine that can be plugged into
> Netscape Enterprise or FastTrack servers, IIS, Microsoft
> Personal Web Server,....."
> What exactly is the difference between the "application server"
> and "servlet and JSP engine"???
> I was under the impression that JRun is an application server....

> thanx in advance
> pp


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