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October 2000



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Conceptual Doubt

Posted by Jeganathan S on October 19, 2000 at 7:42 AM

My doubt is to claim a language as Object Oriented Language,
it should support polymorphism and multiple inheritance directly.
B'coz VB is not able 2 support this multiple inheritance directly
though it supports polymorphism that language comes under the
category Object based, but Java doesn't support it directly and
supports it indirectly via interface similar to VB is claimed as
Object Oriented Langauage that 22 purely Object Oriented, can
anyone help me. Just b'coz u can't write even a Hello Wordld
program without a class i can't accept it Java is Object Oriented.

And the fact that Object Oriented Languages should support polymorphism
and Multiple inheritance i got from Rumbahg Booch, who is the one
of the prime reason for these Object Oriented Design and approach.


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