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October 2001



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Thread Safety

Posted by Grog on October 04, 2001 at 4:46 PM

I have a scenario where I have written a class which wraps a logger component. I create an instance of the logger component within my class, holding this within a private variable and have then written some public methods which allow multiple servlets to send various levels of logging. At the moment I have not synchronised any of the methods I have made available and am aware that if these were accessing a data variable such as an int, this would not be thread safe. Is this the same case for a reference to a component, to which I am just passing Strings to several of its methods? Code is as follows:

class LogWrapper
private Logger _log =new Logger(); //ref to logger component

public void logError(String s)
public void logWarning(String s)

PS: The reason I have done what seems a pointless wrap is as this is run within a Weblogic Server and I add several Weblogic interfaces which allow auto creation of the class on Web Server start-up.


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