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October 2001



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Urgent any one plz help

Posted by Kajool on October 05, 2001 at 5:40 PM

I need your help in a java assigments,the task is to:
1.create a bi-dimensioanl array of a number which is enterd from dos prompt into args array and the number should be odd number:
e.g :
java Test 5 or java Test 9
2.Now 1 should be stored in mid of the array
for example if I enter 9 at dos prompt ,so the value 1 should be stored at row # 0 and column # 5 of the array
which is the midd # of 9.
now throw a loop you have to make a table like: e.g
if I pass 3 at dos prompt and an array of 3 by 3 is created .
so at last when I print it it should look like this

8 1 6
3 5 7
4 9 2
so If I calculate them in any order it will result 15.
3.the example I gave was only of a 3 by 3 array
it should work the same with 7 by 7 bi-array or 9 by 9 bi- array and so on.
Tanx in advacn


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