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October 2001



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How to Drag and Drop jpeg/gig images in java

Posted by Avin Sinanan on October 25, 2001 at 12:42 PM

Hello my name is Avin Sinanan and I currently a student of the University of the West Indies. I am crrently doing my Final year Project which is Java based and i have a question about Drag And drop(am actually suppose to make a program resemlbing PSPICE) and i was wodering if you can help me with this question.

Ok i can do Drag and Drop with text. Thats easy. Actually i got the code at and well i modified it and well now i understand it. The problem is that i need to Drag and Drop Images from one Panel to another Panel.

I can get the images to appear in the panels ( actully am using two GIF pictues) one in each pnael. But am having trouble Draging and dropping the images.

Now i actually tried creating a mime to support the images. I actually tried this :

DataFlavor imageFlavor = new DataFlavor("ImageIcon/gif" ,"Image");

This did not work.

Then i went to

and i learnt that some clipboards do not support images such as gif and jprg and that i had to make my own InputStream and at it to my FlavourMap properties. How do i make an inputstream and add it to FLavourmap properties. Is that my problem or is my problem somewhere else.

I even tried the inputstream provied at the

and added it to the file but that didn't wrok either.When i complied my file it jus said that it didn't recognise the class provided by

I provided the code for my program below.You will need two gif files to run.. if you have time. the name of the 2 gif files are arrow.gif and arrow2.gif

Can someone please help me?


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