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October 2001



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That's true

Posted by Hiran on October 25, 2001 at 5:18 PM

> > Chin, u know that you sound like a real jerk right about now! A forum is there to get help with whatever ur stuck in. It can be a school assignment, or an assignment for your boss at doesn't matter. And, if you are worried about a student being lazy and trying to get the whole answer on the forum, then you can choose not to answer the question, or answer the question w/o using concrete coding examples. By responding to questions and people asking for help in a rude, obnoxious way, all you do is just expose to everyone that you're a rude and obnoxious person.
> > Hiran

> hi hiran,

> thanks for your views. perhaps i am ;)

> people has been ignoring them for ages. i just have plenty of time and decided to let them get the message to try it out themselves and help us help them, rather than posting entire questions hoping to get an answer without work. there is ways to ask questions u don't know.. like asking about the algorithm, or snippets of their code, asking what went wrong.. but to me, posting the whole assignment question is pretty absurd. frankly, i don't want to waste their time waiting for answers and not doing their work, when they can really use that time waiting for answers in vain to read up and solve it themselves.

> God help them who help themselves.

> Give a man a fish and u save him for a day. Teach him how to fish and u save him for a lifetime.

> If u don't like what i post, remember not to click on my postings in the future :)

Hey Chin, what you say is response is read my response (It's all cool).


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