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October 2001



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Quadratic Equation

Posted by James on October 25, 2001 at 10:20 PM

I have an assignment where i have to enter methods into a quadratic class. the folowing methods must be used:
getCoefficient(), computeDiscriminant() (b^2-4ac), displayTwoRealRoots(), displayOneRoot() (if discriminant=0 theres only one solution. it will compute and display that root with formula x= -b/2a
I have to add those methods inside main() below.

// Program 7
// Due October 26, 2001
// This program prompts the user for the coefficients a, b, and c in
// the equation a x^2 + b x + c = 0, and then it figures out the roots
// using the quadratic equation
// x = (-b +/- sqrt(b^2 - 4ac)) / 2a

import jpb.*;
public class Quadratic
public static void main(String[] args)
double a, b, c;
double discriminant;

// Get the coefficients from the user
System.out.println("This program solves the quadratic equation: "
+ "a x^2 + b x + c = 0");
System.out.println("Enter the coefficients");
a = getCoefficient();
b = getCoefficient();
c = getCoefficient();

discriminant = computeDiscriminant(a, b, c);

if (discriminant > 0)
displayTwoRealRoots (a, b, discriminant);
else if (discriminant == 0)
displayOneRoot(a, b);
System.out.println("No real roots");

// methods go here.

I know this is huge, any help is appreciated.



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