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October 2001



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bingo ~

Posted by Chin Loong on October 28, 2001 at 1:10 AM

how long did i take to write what? the program, or to draw the boxes? ^_^

actually, i forgot where i learn or found out about this "algorithm" (not sure whether it's an algorithm or not) but i loved to use this style of filling up numbers in my 5x5 matrix squares while playing BINGO ^_^

u know the game, bingo? where u fill up 5x5 matrix squares with numbers from 1 to 25, keep it secret from your opponent(s) and shout out a number, then both(or more) cancel out a number until there's 5 parallel lines (joining 5 numbers, of course) in any way (vertically || horizontally || diagonally) is formed and the first one who shouts "BINGO" wins the game. then we would continue the game in total ignorance of the teacher in front monotonously reading out some gibberish stuff :p


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