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October 2001



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the date? :p

Posted by Chin Loong on October 29, 2001 at 10:07 AM

well if u're stuck, u can look at this as a reference.. i never used the reflection package ago so i have no experience in it. but after reading the stuffs, this is what i came up with.

try compiling it and see. hope this would help u more ;)

for addEvent(new ThermostatNight(tm));

Class rClass=Class.forName("tme2.Restart");
Class[] argTypes=new Class[]{tme2.ThermostatNight};
Method method=rClass.getDeclaredMethod("addEvent",argTypes);
Object args=new Object[]{new ThermostatNight(tm)};

anyway, first u would have the parse the command line, extract the addEvent from the line of text, and also extract the parameters. should be quite easy here.. can use StringTokenizer.

then, u just use the reflection package ;)

ok... about the date.. errm.. actually it isn't quite actually a date :p. just asked her out for lunch.. (during her lunch break.. i'm self employed so i can have my lunch anytime :p) it rained heavily :( so we ended up at the KFC nearby ;). gonna meet up with her tomorrow for a movie *whee* ~


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