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October 2001



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dear paul

Posted by Chin Loong on October 29, 2001 at 1:22 PM

hey chet, at least he/she learned how to unlock the caps lock, rite? reading all-caps text are really irritating :p

hey we do good, u know ;) u don't come to this forum and learn nothing. wahahha

paul(ine) u got it really wrong. i think, by using profanities, u just turned the a$$ho|e label to yourself. if helping somebody once is considered "lending a hand", i lost count on how many hands he lent to people in need ;)

but of course, to people like u.. *sigh* no comments. at least if u're nicer, we will feel a bit guilty and not be that sarcastic (heheh i nearly got myself there.. u expected "help you with your assignment"? :p) but since u acted like this, it only affirmed our correct decision of NOT helping u ;)


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