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October 2001



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Posted by Hiran on October 30, 2001 at 11:02 AM

Thnx Matt.

> > Thnx Matt! Do you think it would work if I instead sent out, using the correct protocol, a message to the server? That way, when the server responds, it would (hopefully) respond to the original program (eg. MSN Messenger) and that program would open up a chat window and take it from there.
> Perhaps that would work. Sound like a clever idea, but you still would need intimate knowledge of the various vendors protocols. It also may work for some and not others. Some may even have encrypted protocols to prevent others from fooling with them (I don't know to what lengths MS and AOL went in their battles with one another).

I've found on the net the specifications for the various IM protocols. The only thing is that some of them aren't the most recent versions. Hope they still work though.

> > > On the second one, I'm not completely sure what you mean.
> > What I mean is this: You know how in Windows Explorer it's possible to map a network drive to appear as a local hard drive. So if I have comp A and comp B networked, I can share comp B's hard drive, and map it on comp A. That way, when I open up Windows Explorer on comp A, it would show the A drive, D drive, C drive and comp B's hard drive. The user can then click on that drive, and browse through the files, copying and deleting like they would on their own hard drive. Well, I want to allow the user to do just that, except with comp B being connected to a WAN(the Internet) and not to a LAN. I hope this clarifies my question. If not, let me know.
> This already exists. It is really just a matter of security. Many companies have VPNs that allow their employees to do exactly this. On you local area network, it is usually a matter (on the windows platform) of allowing file sharing. However, this is risky stuff, because it is easy for hackers and viruses to go haywire on the network and therefore rational system adminstrators would not allow such a thing outside their firewall.

But if I wanted to create a program like this, so that I can fully access the files on my computer from another computer, do you know how I could go about doing this. The reason I want to do this is because whenever I go back home for weekends (I'm away at university right now), I find it fustrating since I want to access the files on my computer, but I can't. I guess my question now is how does a VPN work? How does it allow two computers to access each others' files when they are connected to the Internet and not directly to each other through an intranet?



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