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As Ususal Nerds Can't Get A Date

Posted by Matt Gerrans on November 02, 2001 at 2:08 PM

Are you just using Date().toString() and hoping for the best? Have you looked at the DateFormat class? It works in GMT and allows you to fool with the formatting, so I think this is what you need. However, Jay is the resident JSP expert, so maybe he'll weigh in with a more specific answer for you...

- mfg

> hi ,
> i am working with mortgagae appliactions using jsp with toplink,
> i faced simillar problems,
> then i am using the javascript libraray in jsp..its working fine..u better to use javascript tags..
> if u send the lines of code , i can solve ur problem..
> thank you,
> deviprasad mundluru

> > dear ppl,

> > i'm writing a audit trail prog in JAVA for a distributed system.

> > i can grab the date by using java.util.Date. which is in
> > 'SGT' format. no problem.

> > however, when i use the same program in jsp, everything goes
> > haywire. it seems that that the "java.util.Date" gives out the
> > date in 'PST' format when used for "JSP"

> > surprisingly, a fren ran my prog at his computer and everything's fine. the date's in 'SGT' format. but as i tried it
> > out at another fren's pc, the prob reoccured.

> > why does the problem occur?
> > how can i make the prog work in JSP with the correct time?
> > how can i make sure that the problem doesn't reoccur somewhere
> > else?

> > hope u ppl can help. :)


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