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Opening A Webpage From An Applet

Posted by Matt Gerrans on November 02, 2001 at 2:27 PM

Deviprasad is talking about creating a "page" dynamically and displaying it (or what it might look like), but if all you want to do is open some existing page in the browser, look at getAppletContext().showDocument().

- mfg

> hi frnd ,
> i worked with style sheet admin,
> for mortgage solutions, here we design a environment which will need to display a preview of html based on stylesheet values..
> here wht i did is , i took a hashtable , placed all the values in hashtable and i build a html page dynamically and i displayed it on jeditorpane..
> let us try with this..if u cont , i will send a little bit code which will requires u..
> thank u
> Deviprasad Mundluru

> > Hi , I am new to this area and trying to work out a SwingApplet
> > project. Please let me know how to open a new HTML page in a browser as I clik some button on this SwingApplet which is running in the browser itself.


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