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October 2001



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i think i got it2

Posted by alex on November 07, 2001 at 10:15 PM

ehe u have a very nice way of giving advise to ppl.
i thank u for ur wisdom.

"i think i got it"
semantically speaking, this phrase refers to the effort
i've made which achieves my 'goal'. the methodology? ehe is not
the issue. therefore ur response, "i don't think u got it"
which derived from my questionable methodology is incongruent
to the issue at hand. hehe... but this is all rhetorics. no biggie.

now regarding the original problem. i've already tried using
the Date class. i can't seem to manipulate it in such a way that allows correct time initialization when used in 'JSP'.

it seems that different pc acts differently to the
new Date() stuff when implemented in JSP. but with JAVA
no problemo. why? no idea..

i'm still new to JAVA. maybe u can show how u solve the problem.
and i can try it out on my computer as well as many others in JSP. if everything works fine, then cool. if not, i gotta try again.


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