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I have same JDK problem: Can't Find class "JFrame" on RedHat

Posted by Zack on November 15, 2001 at 4:27 AM

Did you ever figure out what the problem was? It is my understanding that the Java Swing classes are supposed to come with JDK. Why am I getting this error:

Can't Find class "JFrame"

> I am having strange problems with the jdk1.3.1 on redhat 7.1. I am following suns java tutorial and several of the examples don't compile when they should. They compile fine on my windows box but the linux one gives me some strange errors. (by the way, up untill now it was giving me no problems) The first source it didn't like was here.
> The compiler tried to tell me that:
> error:Cannot access field "timer" it is in an other package and not a class member [JLS 15.10]
> However this compiled fine on my windows box, and in accordance with java logic it should have compiled.
> In a later example the compiler could not find the class JFrame which should have come with the jdk.
> If anybody has had similar problems or knows of a solution I would bw extreamly greatful.

> Thanks for your time.


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