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October 2001



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Posted by Matt Gerrans on December 02, 2001 at 4:21 PM

> > i need to write a program in java script which demonstrates the Fibonacci series when a user is asked for a positive integer greater than 2 and less than 50 the program should then calculate the value of the nth value of the fibonacci series where n is the input from the user. do not use a recursive.
> > many thanks
> > Rachel

Two things, Rachel:

  1. The answer to this exact question was already posted in this forum, so if you did the search that was suggested in the forum's introduction, you would find it.
  2. This is a Java forum, not JavaScript -- they are not at all the same thing. If you search on Yahoo or Google, you can find lots of JavaScript web sites, full of script examples.

- mfg


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