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October 2001



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Donna's pic

Posted by Chet Underwood, Esq. on December 09, 2001 at 6:01 PM

> hmm.. i wonder if ja(va)rule will even bother to do the assignment if it wasn't for me treating u like that ;)

The code he posted was pretty lame, if you ask me. I don't see how it solved any problem anyhow. I also find it amusing that javarule accuses you of being a pervert when you were only kidding about the picture, then he wants it in earnest! A bit of hypocracy, what say?

> i haven't seen him helping anybody else's assignment. guess who's indirectly helping u? :-P i'm interested to see whether he'll help other people solve their assignments. what a really nice person. i hope he will continue helping other people with their assignments and not leave the poor souls to my sarcasm in the future.

And as we've repeated many times before, the purpose of homework is not solving some trivial problem, but learning by working on it. That means when someone simply gives you the answer, they are doing you a disservice. We are willing to help you, if you show that you've made some effort, but just need help with something specific.

> just fyi, i don't want and i don't need your picture. if u can't get the joke, forget about it ^_^, perhaps u're overworked and can't really bother to get the joke.. don't take everything so seriously ;)

Well, just FYI, I hacked javarule's email and found her lovely picture. Ooh, what a babe!

- cu


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