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Which VM do you have

Posted by Newbie on February 23, 2002 at 1:47 AM

Maybe you need to install Microsoft VM
I >have< the same problem, :)
I didn't solve it or installed it ?yet? though, I just like offering suggestions :)

> Greetings,

> This concerns Microsoft's Jexegen application.

> I recently made a change - to a legacy application - to
> communicate with a third-party desktop application via an
> ActiveX control and packaged it using Jexegen.

> When we installed our application on a customer site, we
> found that a few of the machines (perhaps 2-3 out of, say
> 50) received an error dialog that stated:

> "Unable to start the application. Unable to locate class
> file"

> Note that most of the machines worked.

> But, we found that if we re-installed the previous version of the application - the one before my change - everything worked.

> It seems to me that problem might be related to a missing
> DLL or file or even a registry setting, but we are unable to duplicate in-house and this has us stumped. It occurs right at start-up.

> Any help would be greatly appreciated.

> Thanks,

> Roy


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