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October 2001



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Applet in browser...

Posted by Dankic Dalibor on October 16, 2001 at 5:27 AM

I had write one applet wich works with images. It
is simple applet which can convert color image to
B&W using one of popular dither method. I found,
if I am starting this applet trought IE from my web site,
it is realy slow because IE all the time read something,
I don't know what! If I connect to my web site, start applet
and turn IE to work offline everithing is fine. With
Netscape I heavent this problem. All images are red
on begining by using MediaTracker end after no more
any reading is maded. What is the point? Why IE always
read something from server and slow down my applet?
Thank you for answare,:-)) and sorry for my english :-((


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