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RandomAccessFile Question

Posted by Jyothi on October 22, 2001 at 8:30 AM

Hi Everybody,

I am having a problem with writing data from a text file using RandomAccessFile stream.

The problem is this;
I am opening a password file which is of form username:password,if the username is found and the password has been modified I am taking the new password and updating the same in a .config file.

If the password is greater than the existing password then the next line characters(beginning) are being chopped off.

Is there anything wrong in the code that i have written;The code is as follows:

Any help on this is highly appreciated,

import java.util.StringTokenizer;

public class TPassfileManagerBatchUnix implements IPassfileManagerBatch{
final String COLON =":";
String strPassTokens[];

* This method takes the passwordfilename,UserName,Password and a boolean flag
* opens the file for read,write mode and checks for the username
* if the username is found updates with the new given password.
* if the username is not found it append a line at the end of the file
* as this format username:password.

* @param strPasswordFile the file name to be update the password.
* @param fCaseSensitive is a flag to tell the username matches with case sensitive
* @param strUserName the Username
* @param strPassword the Password which will be updeted in the file.

public String updateAppendPassword(String strPasswordFile, boolean fCaseSensitive , String strUserName, String strPassword) throws IOException {

/** e.g line in the password file.
* userid:password */

//*********** File System Object Checking ****************
// create a file object that will contain all the file properties.
File passwordFile = new File(strPasswordFile);

// check whether the given file exists in the file system

// check the file is readable

// check the file for writable
return "File is not writable";
return "can't read the File";
return " File Not Found ";
passwordFile = null;

// opens the file for read and write mode
RandomAccessFile raf = new RandomAccessFile(strPasswordFile,"rw");


//each line in the password file.
String strLine="";
StringBuffer strNewLine = new StringBuffer();

long lStartPos;

// starting position of the line.
lStartPos = raf.getFilePointer();
int f=0;

// read the file until EOF reaches
while( (strLine = raf.readLine()) != null ){

strLine = strLine.trim();

//Check if the line is blank
if(strLine.length() > 0){
strPassTokens = new String[1];

// split the line with the delimeter ":" and store each value in the
// array strPassTokens[].

// check the current line is for the User.
if(fCaseSensitive ? strPassTokens[0].equals(strUserName) : strPassTokens[0].equalsIgnoreCase(strUserName)){

//Update the Password with the New Password.
strPassTokens[1] = strPassword;

// prepare the new line with the new password.
strNewLine.append(strPassTokens[0] + COLON + strPassTokens[1]);

// holds the difference of lenght between the OldLine and NewLine
int iLengthDiff;

// Check if the new line lenght is lessthan the old Line
// then append the that many empty chars to the new line.

if( strNewLine.toString().length() < strLine.length()){

iLengthDiff = strLine.length() - strNewLine.toString().length();

for (int i=0; i strNewLine = strNewLine.append(" ");

/* * the new line lenght is lessthan the existing line
* so there is no need to increase the file size.
* reset the iLenghtDiff to ZERO
iLengthDiff = 0;

/* * if the NewLine length is greater than the OldLine
* find the difference and increase the file size to
* that many characters.
iLengthDiff = strNewLine.toString().length() - strLine.length();

// move the pointer to the starting postion of the line.;

// find the lenght of the file size.
long lFileSize;
lFileSize = raf.length();

//increase the file size to number of extra characters in the new password
//raf.setLength(lFileSize + iLengthDiff );

// write the new line into the file.
raf.writeBytes(strNewLine.toString() + "\n");

//close the file stream

// return SUCCESS and exit from the function.
return "SUCCESS";

} // if the password matches

}// if the line is empty

// get the next line strating postion before reading the next line.
lStartPos = raf.getFilePointer();

}// while loop until the EOF

/* * if the password is not found until the End of File
* append the username and password with the this format
* username:password in to the password file.

String strAppendLine;

strAppendLine = strUserName + COLON + strPassword;

raf.writeBytes( "\n" + strAppendLine );

return "APPEND";

}// try block

catch(FileNotFoundException Ex){
return "File Not Found";

catch(Exception e){
return e.toString() ;


// This method splits the given String with the ":" delimeter.
private void split(String strLine){
int i=0;
StringTokenizer st = new StringTokenizer(strLine,COLON);
strPassTokens[i] = st.nextToken();



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