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preventing deletion

Posted by Mukul on October 23, 2001 at 5:30 AM

> hi

> I have a problem and i have tried some thing maybe not the
> correct ones

> here is a problem, I have JTextField like this

> JTextField hi = new JTextField("1", 10)

> the only problem is when the field is deleated when java is running
> than i have no
> way of knowing that field has been deleted. Is there a way I can
> protect myself from that, so that if someone trys to delete
> and run further program than i have a massage coming up
> "No Cant Do", unless the field is filled with a number.
> please help
> Thanks in advance

1. Disable the field.

If that does not serve your purpose, then you can add a keylistner to this particular text field and track the keypresses individually


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