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Re:Applets and jdbc drivers

Posted by Venkata Nukala on September 21, 2000 at 1:16 PM


You can try creating a jar archive (say test.jar) which has
your main class as well as driver classes and use
archive="test.jar" in applet tag of html page.


> Hello,

> I am trying to write a Java applet to access a mysql database. I have written a rudimentary Java application that uses the JDBC driver for mysql (downloaded from your site as a binary) and returns data to the screen just fine when run from the Unix shell. When I convert the same application into an Applet, I get an "unable to load mysql driver " exception after the following lines are executed:

> try{
> Class.forName("").newInstance();
> }
> catch (Exception E) {
> System.err.println("Unable to load mysql driver");
> }

> This same code works fine in the application version.

> The applet is running on a SCO Unix Openserver 5.0.5 server. I am using JDK 1.2. The browser is MS IE5 on Windows 98. I have installed version 1.3 of the Java Plug-in in order to be able to run 1.2 applets and swing components.

> Is there anything I need to do on the Windows side of things to get this to work? Does the mysql/JDBC driver need to be in the same directory as the applet on the server? Any help or direction would be greatly appreciated.

> - Joel Levitan
> Omega Institute


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