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September 2000



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may be calling on frame object-not dlg object

Posted by Venkata Nukala on September 21, 2000 at 1:33 PM

If your JDialog object is called dlg
call dlg.setVisible(false) in actionPerformed method.
You can also call dlg.dispose() if you you dont need to
activate the dialog again
hope this helps

> I invoke a dialog box from a frmae through WindowClosing Event whenever user tries to close frame a dialog box appears ask for confirmation.i.e whether u want to quit or not ...
> if user press yes program is terminated nif user press no i want that dialog to be invisible not parent frame but as i write setVisible(false) in dialog box code when no button is present it applicable to whole frame i.e parent Frame become inactive.

> pls help me.
> how to deactivate dialog box without deactivating parent frame when dialog box is activated through windowclosing method of


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