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September 2000



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Will EJB go the SAP/Oracle financials way?

Posted by Harry Singh on September 29, 2000 at 8:29 PM

All right java junkies,
We have all been getting excited by the promise of EJB. Some of us have had the good fortune of working in it. I haven't had the good fortune but I have been reading about it.

I have a feeling that EJB will do to Java what SAP did to Oracle! By that what I mean is that, in theory a lot of stuff has already been done for you. Threading, Instance pooling, DB connection and pooling, security, transaction, state-management etc. its already taken care of! Well, does that mean no-more/very-less JDBC/RMI/Socket programming? So wouldn't J2EE reduce reduce every Java developer into a sort of VB developer who needs to know more of domain/business and less of core programming? If the answer is yes, does it mean that this will lead to exponential growth in demand for Java developers to start with and then a sudden decline once the systems have been put together? I hope I am not oversimplifying it and the answer is a NO!

As a sidenote, more concerning is the fact that a lot of fun would be taken out of programming! Putting all the pieces together would be a bigger challenge than programming!

I would like inputs from those of you who are currently working in large enterprise wide systems that are trying to use the power of J2EE and EJB!

Appreciate all responses!


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