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Java Applet vs. JSP

Posted by Wayne Daley on October 19, 2000 at 2:33 PM

I hope this question makes sense but I've had a hard time finding an article on the subject, anyone who knows of any, I would appreciate it. Basically, with the popularity of JSP recentlty, I find myself in a grey area when trying to determine in a web applciation would be better off served as HTML->JSP's or a Java Applet with a swing interface. I would be very interested in anyone's views on the pro's/cons, but I'd like to state a few given's to keep the comments focused. First the applciation will be an n-tier app with an app server and a db sever located behind the second and third logical firewalls. Second the interface the user is presented with should be as robust as pratically possible. Third the target audience is closed and will need to login via id and password also an applet would be done using Swing therby eliminating the need for the user-interface classes to be downloaded to the client pc when run. And finally with either approach the app would be particitioned in the same fashion with both data access and business logic housed in components of the appserver.

Wayne Daley


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