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September 2000



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cannot find class for servlet

Posted by Chris Mangiapane on September 06, 2000 at 3:56 PM

I am developing a package of Java servlets which will
access a DB2 database and then dynamically build web pages
based upon the results returned. This is my problem.
I have created a base Servlet class which extends HttpServlet.
I then created a Report class that extends my Servlet class.
Within the Report class I open a DB connection then submit
a query and display the results. I compile and everything seems
ok. The class files are loaded into the proper directories
on the server. However when I try to access the servlet through
a browser I keep getting a 404 error "cannot find class for servlet
packagename.Report". I was able to display simple text earlier
using the same methodology and can not understand why now
I am getting this message. I think perhaps my constructor is not
completing properly but being new to Java I do not know how
I could check this? If anyone has any ideas about what may be
going on I would greatly appreciate the help.


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