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Doubts regarding servlets and jsp

Posted by Jyothi on July 05, 2001 at 5:20 PM

Hi friends,
I have lot of doubts regarding servlets and jsp. Can any one explain me.

1. What is the difference between servlets and jsp. As I know both are server side

programming. But please explain me which is powerful and where can I use servlets and

where I use JSP. Please don't explain me the syntax (ie programe code) difference of both.
Just explain me the interior usage of both.

2. Is it possible to run the servlets in IIS. If yes, Please explain me how to run ie how to set

the configuration etc.

3. Servlets are multithreaded by itself. ie On each request, a new instance will be created.
Then, why we have to make the jdbc part in synchronized mode. Because as i heard if we

have not done jdbc part as synchronized then there will be error in data will arise.

4. how an applet communicate with a servlet

5. how a servlet communicate with another servlet. Is it same as servlet chaining. If

communication between two servlets is different from servlet chaining, Please explain me

both the concepts with example programe code.

6. I want to become a master in Servlets and JSP. Suggest me a book for Servlets and JSP.
Is there any book common to both these or shall I buy separate books. Give me name of the

books for Servlets and JSP.

7. what is tomcat? Why we need that? why not we use java web server?


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