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September 2000



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Add a main () method

Posted by Pedro B. Morales on September 09, 2000 at 8:53 PM


To be able to convert an applet into a Java application, you must add a main () method in the same class that is the applet.
This main method must create a Frame (or JFrame) object, create a new instance of the applet, add this instance to the frame, and then make it visible. Here's a sample main method, for an applet class named Applet1.

public static void main (String [] args)
Applet1 app = new Applet1 ();
app.init ();
Frame frame = new Frame ();
frame.setSize (applet_width, applet_height);
frame.add (app);

/* I don't know how to call paint without the graphics object, maybe you can try app1.paint (app1.getGraphics ()); or app1.repaint(); I would suggest repaint () in order to avoid calling getGraphics (), which may be null until the applet is fully loaded.

frame.setVisible (true);
frame.requestFocus (); // make it active program

This main method will allow you to wrap all your classes into a JAR file, and then distribute that.



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