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Data sessions shared between ASP and JSP-servlet

Posted by Gustavo Carbonell on October 04, 2001 at 6:07 PM

Hello Russ:

I am from Bs As. Argentina and I am looking for some expertise information about Microsoft tecnology architecture.
I want to make a question about session but with a general view, I consider that it is not a easy question.

A customer wants to convert all their sistems from ASP tecnology to J2EE tecnology. It is a big work to convert all sistems at the same time and we are planning to make it in several fases. For this, we need that both tecnologies live together for a time. The problem is whow we can HTTP sessions be shared bettween ASP and JSP and Servlet engines.

I know that Session object in ASP is similar to
javax.servlet.http.HttpSession in java but I couldn't find any information about this problem and anothers implementations in the world. I can not think that I am the first one with this problem ...

Thanks a lot, best regards

Gustavo Carbonell

e-business solutions
Buenos Aires, Argentina


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