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September 2001



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More info reqd...

Posted by Sandeep Asnani on September 21, 2001 at 6:52 AM

> I'm currently working on a project to design and implement a collaborative visualization application. I've never had extensive experience with Java and wanted to ask if I could use Java RMI to implement collaborative visualization tool.

> I have a program which visualizes a 3-D object given a input file. Now I would like to make it collaborative so that multiple clients can view the image and also move it around and all the clients see the movement of the 3-D image. I don't have any idea would like to know what the industry is using for application such as this. I've read CORBA and Java RMI are being used to build things like collaborative whiteboards and my goal application should be similar.

> Please give me any suggestions and recommendations you might have. Thank you very Much.

> Best,

> Jun

I have been working in distributed applications for past 2 yrs now and i may be able to help you. But my problem is i do not have slightest hinch abt the application you are talking about. If you can give me some idea about it, i can give you some suggestions.
with regards
Sandeep Asnani

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