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Notes from Underfoot
See the World
by Ken Arnold
June 8, 2005
Google satellite images let you see the world without leaving your computer. Well, North America for now, but more later, I'm sure.


Okay, this has nothing to do with anything, but it's just cool, OK?

Google sightseeing. Interesting things in their satellite images. A sampling:

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Ken Arnold is a recognized loose cannon in the software business, whose previous fusilades include being an inventor of Jini, designing JavaSpaces, writing books on Java and distributed systems, helping design CORBA 1.0, and (while at Berkeley on the BSD project) the curses library package, co-authoring rogue, and generally enjoying himself. His interests include designing APIs and programming languages using general principles of human factors design because of his radical hypothesis that programmers are human, and other applications of this same principle to software design, management, and production.

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