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Notes from Underfoot
A Weblog by Ken Arnold
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June 8, 2005,  4 comments
Google satellite images let you see the world without leaving your computer. Well, North America for now, but more later, I'm sure.
October 7, 2004,  44 comments
... wherein I decide that, with winter a-cumin in, it's time for a lot of heat, so I venture into the programming language equivalent of TV Wresteling: coding style...
May 31, 2004,  10 comments
... wherein we ponder on whether reality is best reflected by realism ...
December 16, 2003,  9 comments
...Wherein we look at a discussion on Unix vs. Windows religions and customs, try to make a little sense of it, and talk about designing from the outside in.
July 14, 2003,  11 comments
...Wherein we examine what ant fundamentally lacks, and possible ways to address the important problem of build control...
May 13, 2003,  2 comments
...Wherein we explore what makes a paper Top Notch, primarily by example.
May 1, 2003,  5 comments
...Wherein we explore what it means to be a computer, or computation, or computrons, or a computer programmer, and why Ken is even touching a computer when he's on vacation.
April 9, 2003,  44 comments
...Wherein we explore the radical notion that programmers are people, and then look at what this might mean for deep tools, such as APIs, protocols, and programming languages.
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