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Indeterminate Heuristics
A Weblog by Dale Asberry
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July 13, 2012,  Submit comment
Having problems with using NFS on Windows 7? Here's a very simple solution.
March 20, 2012,  3 comments
In 2004, I posted "Why salary bonus and other incentives fail to meet their objectives". Here's a great RSA presentation by Dan Pink about WHY that's true.
January 23, 2012,  4 comments
I'm test-infected and that's why one of my first exciting Scala discoveries was ScalaTest
January 23, 2012,  Submit comment
Life and complacency took me away from my first 'love'.
December 22, 2005,  19 comments
For those following my blog, you know that my academic experience resulted in a degree in Physics. Even though I professionally engage in programming, I would prefer to play in the world of physics.
December 15, 2005,  3 comments
Found these references to be handy...
December 1, 2005,  8 comments
A bliki is a key piece in my proposed Personal Knowledge Management platform - I have some ideas, but would like to hear suggestions from others
November 28, 2005,  4 comments
Various web service APIs have been maturing, other technologies have become available, and my own personal thoughts have congealed such that I can create a useful personal knowledge management platform.
November 11, 2005,  6 comments
As developers get more savvy in using small-grained requests and web browsers get more powerful as general-purpose processors, this atomization will enable higher-order layering of behavior into rich, value-added applications.
September 19, 2005,  17 comments
This is a one-sided analysis of the downsides of using stored procedures. PLEASE do not take this to mean that I'm in any way against their *judicious* use.
January 25, 2005,  1 comment
What does this mean? Your nerdiness is: All hail the monstrous nerd. You are by far the SUPREME NERD GOD!!!
September 30, 2004,  Submit comment
AOP can do a lot of things but it can't clean up poorly structured code.
September 28, 2004,  1 comment
The Jini TOC General House elections are underway. Here are the goals I'm reaching for in the Jini community.
September 28, 2004,  5 comments
I've been doing a lot of work around rule engines lately and am starting to feel that there are a number of similarities/parallels between a Rete knowledge base and a Javaspace.
September 24, 2004,  6 comments
A contribution to the Jini Community.
3 pages [ 1 2 3 ]
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