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June 30, 2014,  Submit comment
Pojomatic 2.0 has been released, and uses InvokeDynamic to give performance nearing that of hand-rolled code.
September 25, 2013,  4 comments
A combination of bridge methods, covariant return types and dynamic dispatch can lead to some surprising and unfortunate results.
September 23, 2011,  13 comments
My thoughts on the battle between dynamic languages and those with Turing complete type systems after attending StrangeLoop.
February 6, 2011,  15 comments
There's been a lot of talk lately about a decision by the community to fork the Hudson continuous integration project, but the real fork has been done by Oracle, not the community.
April 26, 2010,  17 comments
Pojomatic provides configurable implementations of the equals(Object), hashCode() and toString() methods inherited from java.lang.Object.
January 31, 2010,  6 comments
Scala pattern matchers with side effects can have unexpected results in for expressions.
September 17, 2008,  12 comments
Once the boilerplate traditionally associated with the Service Locator Pattern is eliminated, one of the key motivations for Dependency Injection is reduced, if not eliminated. This article, the second of a two part series, looks at the pros and cons of each approach to interacting with services.
September 14, 2008,  11 comments
Traditional implementations of the Service Locator Pattern result in a large amount of boilerplate code. This article, the first of a two part series, shows that this is not a necessary weakness.
November 4, 2007,  18 comments
Allowing static references to class members could greatly increase Java's type-safe expressive capability.
June 23, 2007,  26 comments
Type arguments to generic classes are not available for reflection at runtime - or are they? The type arguments for statically declared types can be discovered at runtime. A look at how to do this, and why you might want to.
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