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A Weblog by Jeremy Meyer
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June 26, 2010,  17 comments
A closer look at how Groovy builders help with creational code in complex API's, using the Java3d API as a fun example.
June 2, 2010,  22 comments
A quick play around with the Java3D library and Groovy to see how much easier we can make the library to use.
May 8, 2010,  9 comments
An simple example of how easy it is to make a fairly powerful DSL using the dynamic features and powerful sytax of Groovy
November 27, 2009,  12 comments
A happy little voyage of discovery down the Groovy road.
June 8, 2008,  16 comments
Our parents were wrong when they told us not to be lazy. Laziness is a vital characteristic for success, and something we should strive for.
April 4, 2008,  10 comments
Excited by the possibilities afforded by JRuby and the ability to plug it into various different Java environments, I decided to try implementing a JRuby interactive console in Eclipse.
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