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A Weblog by Cay Horstmann
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September 15, 2003,  28 comments
Apple has touted the Mac OS X as The Best Platform For Java Development. In this article, I argue that Apple's marketing hype greatly distorts reality, and that Java developers should focus on Linux instead.
May 26, 2003,  8 comments
The Java collection class library has some fine qualities, and having a standardized set of collections is certainly far better than not having it. But the library also has a number of flaws that should be discussed and understood, so that they don't get perpetuated in future libraries. This article discusses two of the more irritating issues.
May 9, 2003,  28 comments
Many Java programmers believe that they should include an instanceof test in equals methods. Many authors egg them on. This article explains why this is very wrong and muddleheaded in almost all cases, and urges programmers to test for equality of classes instead.
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