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Big Iron and Rich Clients
A Weblog by Matt Bauer
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July 14, 2003,  14 comments
What matters in the end is working code, not the tool that made it. I propose that developers buy their own tools and be held responsible for installing, maintaining, and dealing with them just like auto mechanics do.
April 25, 2003,  3 comments
Serialization is a powerful feature of the Java language, but failure to use it properly can cost you.
April 17, 2003,  1 comment
You wouldn't write a method without a test, why would you design a user interface without a test? I believe usability is a critical component in agile software development. Had I made usability part of my software development, I know that dating program would have changed my life.
April 14, 2003,  Submit comment
You can run Java on everything from large servers to cell phones, but is your code flexible enough to use databases ranging from Oracle to Nokia?
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