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A Weblog by John D. Mitchell
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April 11, 2006,  29 comments
What role does integrity really play in software development?
November 11, 2005,  3 comments
There are a lot of misconceptions about what Moore's Law actually says and even more confusion over what it implies. We're in the early phases of a major transition...
September 21, 2005,  67 comments
Why does software suck? Is it just because most of anything sucks or is there something particular about software that enhances the suckage factor?
April 23, 2005,  22 comments
Why aren't we developing programming languages that work more like humans really work?
April 23, 2005,  Submit comment
Tailoring software for a great fit.
April 23, 2005,  1 comment
How important is the role that good design plays in communicating what matters?
March 25, 2005,  30 comments
Software is more than a sum of its parts.
February 1, 2005,  2 comments
Or, Security? We don't need no stinkin' security!
December 10, 2004,  18 comments
Just what is the difference between design and architecture?
December 1, 2004,  Submit comment
How many of these myths apply in your organization?
November 30, 2004,  1 comment
Here's a humorous look at the the evolution of a programmer.
November 24, 2004,  12 comments
Programming really is all about the languages that we create and use. Unfortunately, not in the way that most people think.
October 13, 2004,  2 comments
Just what does "open source" have to do with software patents?
September 4, 2004,  23 comments
Is the story of a bug in MS Word a sign of deeper dysfunction?
September 2, 2004,  2 comments
What do examples of post-fiat economics have to do with open source?
2 pages [ 1 2 ]
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