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A Weblog by Eric Freeman
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December 14, 2004,  Submit comment
Search has become the holy grail of the desktop. While search on the desktop is nothing new - Microsoft has been pursuing WinFS in fits and starts over more than the last decade - this time something is different: everyone thinks it's important.
November 30, 2004,  2 comments
An interesting (old) post in Artima's Java Buzz titled "Are Weblogs an Incarnation of Lifestreams?" by Hugo Pinto asks if Weblogs are the first widely-adopted incarnation of LifeStreams? As it happens I'm finishing up a historical piece on Lifestreams that is going to be published by MIT Press and I've been asking myself that very question.
November 12, 2004,  9 comments
Not your father's Design Patterns book, Head First Design Patterns provides a unique learning guide to Design Patterns and OO design.
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